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Las Vegas Dodge Average Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (927 reviews)

bob ruge9/30/2015 11:18 AM

andrew did a great job of getting everything done on time and kept me well informed of repairs needed for my vehicle.

Billy9/28/2015 5:41 PM

Buying a car was just a mess! Deceat was very prevalent, the sales guys were shady never talked price just beat around the bush constantly. Had to sign New paper work three times of course my cost went up. Not even a month later the transmission went out took them almost a month to fix my car! Finally get my car back and it's filthy, oil foot prints and scuffs inside and out.. they didn't even bother to wash it or detail it..they had my vehicle over three weeks!! Top it off my vehicle smells like a barn! So disgusted with this place. Battery needs to be replaced, I was lied to about amenities, back up camera doesn't work ( which we were told would be looked at and fixed no cost to us...then after signing it was all " sold as is", DVD screens do not turn on, other buttons for amenities I was told existed in my vehicle are infact non functioning buttons that are there IF they were added which apparently my vehicle did not have! Lies lies and more lies! I am beyond disappointed. We needed another new car and made sure not to go back to Chapman! We took our business elsewhere as they do not care about their customers or lying to make a sale! Had my vehicle just over two months and more issues unveil themselves daily :( can't wait to pay this over priced lemon off so I never have to think of this place again! I will say they were nice and got right back to you..until papers were completely signed then ..on to the NEXT sucker .. now good luck getting any straight answers or help.

Randall Czaplicki9/28/2015 9:37 AM

Re: Repair order 6385234/1 First, let me say that I am happy with the service they did accomplish. My complaint is that the "NO START" problem still exists. When I attempt to start the van, I get a click, and what sounds like the starter motor engaging for a split second, but not turning over sufficiently to start the engine. I had the exact same problem in 6/8/2010, see R/O 6178477/1 AND 9/11/12, see R/O 6253442/1. The problem was corrected on 9/11/12 with the replacement of the TIPM. Please note that R/O 6253442 was about to be completed as "unable to replicate" when, as it was explained to me, the service tech attempted to move the car out of the garage when it would not start. The van ran fine up until about a month ago. Then the EXACT SAME symptoms started again. When I dropped off the van on 9/22/15 I provided Anthony Salinas with a video of the starting problem. When it occurs, the car generally takes 5-30 attempts to start it. That is 5-30 key to start, off key to start cycles. Later that same day, I received a call from the service department stating that my car was ready for pickup. I explained that this is an intermittent problem, and would appreciate them making more attempts to diagnose it. She explained that they would keep the car and look into it. On 9/23/15 I received a call from Anthony Salinas, stating that they could not replicate the problem. I picked up the car on 9/24/15. On 9/26/15 while shopping, I was unable to start the car, and was about to call for a tow to the dealership when it finally started. On 9/28/15, this morning, I wasted almost 5 minutes trying to get the car to start. It was doing the exact same thing, key on, click, no start, key off. repeat. Again, I was about to call for a tow, and a taxi to get my grandson to school.The car had not been started since I returned home on 9/26/15. As it is, I do not consider this problem solved. I have responsibilities to get my grandson to school in the mornings, and transport my wife to multiple medical appointments on a M-F basis, sometimes two or three in a day. I cannot be late for these appointments because of a car that won't start. Physicians charge a penalty fee for "no shows". It is extremely frustrating to be stuck somewhere with a van that just goes click. I would appreciate it very much if someone there would take a personal interest in getting this problem fixed. Please have the service manager contact me with a plan of action. Thank you. Randall Czaplicki 702-265-7990

George Greathouse9/26/2015 10:04 PM

Jack Farris went above and beyond to make sure my truck was fixed. I came in to have the carpet replace and to repair a tear in my seat. I always come to Chapman Dodge and think that your service department is superior to most. Great Work!

Russell Rappel Schmid9/26/2015 8:45 AM

I was traveling for work. I had traveled 12 hours from northern CA to San Diego for a week-long conference with an engine light on and a Zubie device alerting me to a 6th Cylinder misfire. After a week in San Diego, I had to travel to Las Vegas for another week for work...check engine light still on. After making an appointment at my home dealership, I thought I would see if a Las Vegas dealership could help. I made an online reservation request after hours after finding Chapman on Google. I received an email that my reservation was confirmed unless I heard otherwise. On a Monday morning, I showed up first thing and was told they had no record of my reservation. The service technician that met with me was AWESOME! DOMINIQUE said "Let me see what I can do." With great communication during the week, long story short I pulled out of the service department Thursday afternoon, vehicle repaired along with a recall completed. Dominique was the perfect service technician and I drove back home not worried that an existing problem was getting worse because it was now fixed. Thanks for all your help!!

Robert Klaudt9/20/2015 11:54 PM

Having been through the repair cycle twice this year at your shop, I couldn't ask for better results. The estimates were thorough, glitches as to time frame were always reasonable. My service writer, Angel Mendez, kept me well informed of any change to completion schedule, adjustments, etc. I would whole-heartedly recommend Chapman to anyone who asks. If I could get my off road lights to the point where they don't jiggle loose, I'd be tickled to death.

Anna Earl9/20/2015 12:32 PM

Great service... Was in and out and my service advisor was very helpful. Thank you!

Liz Chapa9/19/2015 2:15 PM

I had been in contact with Tommie since April. When I was finally ready, he was there to assist me. It was an easy process and I appreciate all Chapman Dodge did for me.

Alan M9/18/2015 3:27 PM

Great service.

David Woodard9/16/2015 1:10 PM

Took RAM 1500 to have problem with rough transmission. The "tech" drove the vehicle for about 1 mile and could not reproduce the problem, no "computer tell", no recall, therefore no problem Not real pleased at this point, but no other options

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