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Las Vegas Dodge Average Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (740 reviews)

william tedrow1/27/2015 11:22 AM

The service was completed as agreed and my service tech was friendly.

Andrew Shannon1/27/2015 10:54 AM

These guys are awesome!

Fabiola Mata1/22/2015 11 AM

On Monday 1/19/15. I took my Hyndai Elantra for oil change. I understand it was a busy day and I waited almost an hour and half. But that's not the problem, in the printed receipt they stated that they rotated the tires, which my front tires are new and the back ones are the same tires that vehicle had when I purchased it. They rotated the tires, now the car is not aligned anymore, it vibrates when I drive it on the freeway. Second supposedly they changed the two bulbs in the back left and right. Which they didn't because they were all burned and in bad shape, my break light stopped working. My dashboard lights stopped working. The shift gear got locked, I was not able to put it in reverse or park. So for me this is a bad experience. I just asked for an oil change, and if they find something, they should let the customer know and make sure that the techs double check things, verify that the vehicle works properly, to send the customer off with a good working car. The worst of all is that I called in at the Sahara and Mojave location and they couldn't take me in, I had to wait until Monday the 26th....Transferred me to the Henderson office, and booked an appointment for today....Which I canceled because I had to get the car fix right away, in order to use it. Having a car is not a privilege is a necessity. I didn't want to bother calling any manager and explain all this, because they would have given the run around and would have told me to wait until they had time. I had a good experience with the salesperson at Chapman, but the service techs no, therefore I will not return to Chapman. I will trade in my vehicle somewhere else. Unfortunately my dad purchased two vehicles there, but going forward we will not recommend anyone else there.

Gillian Orpin1/22/2015 7:36 AM

Everyone was fantastic. Dealing with LaDonna ,Woody and Rocco was great. I have bought several cars in the past at different dealers, and this was the easiest and smoothest transaction ever. I would highly recommend Chapman Dodge. Your sales team is an asset to your company. Thanks, Gillian Orpin

Magali Smith1/21/2015 8:56 PM

We have a 2013 Dodge Avenger, which has had continual transmission leaks, oil leaks, etc. Keep in mind this car has less than 30,000 miles, isn't driven hard, and is well taken care of. We have taken this car to the shop 4 times for the same reason to have it "repaired" again and again. On top of this, we receive no updates as the car is in the shop days at a time, have a hard time getting ahold of someone who can give answers, and overall have a poor experience at the shop constantly waiting for employees help us get done what needs getting done.

Erik Rogers1/21/2015 2:47 PM

I scheduled an appointment and brought in my vehicle. Dominick was very friendly and helpful. He was very knowledgeable and able to answers a few questions I had on my new Journey. The courtesy wash was great! It really needed a wash. So far my experience with Chapman Dodge Las Vegas from the purchase to the service has been AWESOME!

Michael Welborn1/21/2015 10:30 AM

It has been nearly a year since I bought my 2014 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Sport. I was initially disappointed with the way the sale was handled, but the reality is I have good credit, but I don't have great credit and they had to shop my loan out from Chrysler after an initial approval. Not so bad, WestStar did give me a good loan. They vehicle description said the Truck had Navigation, but in the end they said it does but I have to pay and additional $500.00 to turn it on. That was a blatant lie. The description says it also had remote start, again I had to add something to turn it on. That's was misleading. I park outside at both my house and job so having remote start for me was important during hot summers. $650 later it's done. I have had it in for two oil changes, remote start install, and a two service issues. The latest took 10 hours for an oil change, bulb change, and the install of the remote start module (which is simply plugging in two modules). Every time, except the first oil change which I waited for, I have had to call them after several hours to see if the truck was done. On my last visit I was the second appointment. I should have been finished in three hours, but it took them ten. The staff is friendly, just not motivated for the customer. As far as dealerships go I gave them a four star because despite all the above they are miles ahead of the two other dealerships I have bought new vehicles from. The worst experience by far was Ford on Decatur and the 95.

Greysi Olivo1/21/2015 12:58 AM

I brought my Jeep for oil change and for a re-call on 01/19/2015 to the location on 3175 East Sahara Las Vegas, NV 89104 I bought my Jeep on 06/08/2013, I bought this car at a different location on 930 Auto Show Drive Henderson, NV 89014 which I don't think that should matter at the end of the day all chapman are the same. Kasandra Eagelest- (Tag # 2086*W* ) call my cell phone to mention that I no longer have anymore Free service oil, when I ask the reason she said it was because I had already used all of my coupons, I mention to her when I bought the car I received 2 years Free Maintenance. She mention, yes but the limit is only 2 a year and you already use 4. I meantion to her I still have all the paperwork from that day I bought the Jeep, I will bring the with me when I come to pick up the Jeep. her, would you like to get the service oil complete today for $40.98 plus we also notice your Air filter needs to be replace would you like to that for $40.20. Me: sure go ahead and take care of both things 5 hrs. Later I get a text that my vehicle is ready to pick up (5hrs. later from the time I drop off My jeep) When I got there Kasandra, mention we where not able to get the re-call done you're gone have to bring your Jeep back, we are going to call you as soon as we get the parts in. Anyways moving on with my 2yrs. Free Maintenance I brought with me the New Vehicle Work Promise At The Time Of Sale Sheet, sign by the sales person, sign by the Manager that Approved it and my self, this was given to me at the time of purchase, she said they should of give 4 of this coupons, I said they give me 8 of does wich I still have because you guys never ask for them, if you let me go to my car I get them for you. She said like I said to you over the phone you only get 2 a year and you already use all 4, because we only change the oil every 5,000 miles instead of 3,000 miles, I said if that's the case why do have to keep bringing my jeep every 3,000 miles, because that's what you guys suggested, you guys put a sticker on my windshield that said when to bring my Jeep and at how many mile and it alway saids every 3,000 miles is never at 5,000 miles. well we just change to the new oil and now is every 5,000 miles, I said ok well I bought my car back in 2013 Not yesterday, she said there's nothing I can do, you need to speak with the sales person that sole you the car, I was really mad, really how are your going to tell a customer you to speak with sales person. I should be honer what I have bought, is not my fault that now they change to 2 oil change instead 4 or what ever the reason is my agreement was 2yrs. Of maintenance, is Not right that sales person, promise all this things at the time your buying your car because they want there commission, know no one wants to be responsible because the customer already but the car. Later she said here you can talk to my Manager. Manager, the worst manager I have ever met, if he's number one priority is customer service let me tell you, that is not he's number one priority, I was treated poorly by him, I explain to him what had happen and show him the New Vehicle Work Promise At The Time Of Sale and mention to him that I had all of the 8 coupos, he had an attitude and said he wasn't going to accept them that he needed a different paper from the sales person, so i needed to go and speak with the person the sold my car, that was the end of the conversation. Wich he Didn't go out the way to exceed my expectations, What so ever. I had to go out of my way, my time on my only day off with both of my kids a 10 month baby a 4yr. Old drive to the other location and speak with the manager of the sales person the sold the jeep, by the way he was really friendly and he apologized for the incovinece and they will take care of me there next time but unfortunately the location is really far from my house.

Jennifer Hotaling1/20/2015 7:40 AM

Our salesman Freddie B. at Chapman was the best. I would recommend anyone who wants to buy a new or used car or truck or jeep to go here. They are very nice and courteous, and very patient.

Jerome Lewis 1/19/2015 5:10 PM

Last week I had my 2004 Durango taken to the dodge dealership with to my surprise another bad service day ...I drop the truck off to have my check engine light fixed but they fixed it the next day I pick the truck up the following day due to the time I got off and they were closing the following day I picked the truck up I got 4 blocks and the check engine light came on again so I call the service guy who I will not name ...I explan the problem so I droped it back off the next day after paying about 400.00 doll are for the first time ... So I took my truck back in again ..ieceived a call from the service person and was told that theire was something else wrong with the truck and they would need to keep it another day or so ...okay no problem...the following evening I got the call stating that they had found the problem and it would cost another 300.00 dollars on top of what I had already paid ...I paid it but I hate this dealership ..and I quite I will never come back to this dealership with any of my cars or trucks this dealership is just wrong ..I will never buy another car from this dealership. As long as I live..... Jerome Lewis

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